How can Clout Media help you?

Are you one of the many entrepreneurs out there who doesn’t have the time to manage your social media campaign? Do you feel you have a need for public relations and think it’s too expensive? A start-up in need of a business plan? Or you need to simply complement your marketing program and just not sure where to start?

Clout Media understands that every brand needs to communicate effectively to grow. Whether that growth is in consumer sentiment or sales, public perception can make or break your brand.

From drafting biographies to helping clients learn how to brand themselves Clout Media provides effective, innovative, and realistically measurable communication strategies to the healthcare industry, small businesses, and entertainment and fashion professionals throughout the tri-state area.


Research is an integral part of any public relations strategy. Clout Media can help you develop a strategic public relations program that drives awareness, increases engagement levels, and delivers measurable results for B2B and B2C companies.

As a boutique firm, Clout Media serves as your strategic partner to help you successfully reach tastemakers, journalists, and consumers. Whether organizing a health conference for a medical professional or an album release party for a recording artist, we can assist you in delivering your brand’s message through a wide range of channels.

We offer the following services:

  • Brand development (web positioning, website development, etc.)

  • Communications strategy  

  • Media & public relations (media kits/press kits)

  • Corporate communications (internal communications, social responsibility, crisis management)

  • Digital marketing communications (advertising, direct mail, email)

  • Reputation monitoring

It all starts with setting goals for your social media program. Every business is different and establishing a connection with your target audiences through social networks like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and others is important.

Clout Media works with clients to develop an understanding of social media and formulate a workable strategy to influence and engage consumers.

Clout Media can show you how social media is used to highlight other areas of your business. An integrated Social media marketing plan can complement your existing digital marketing efforts, assist with community management and help your brand strengthen its connection with consumers.

Through the use of social media, clients are able to:

  • Create small advertising campaigns to promote products and services

  • Expand customer service program through social media

  • Boost brand awareness

  • Measure consumer perception of your business


Clients We Have Worked With…

Str8DropEmpire – Independent record label

Logo for the brand

Clients We Have Worked With…

Online clothing retailer

Clients We Have Worked With…

Book Author, Emily Alison-Francis

Clients We Have Worked With…

Don’t Let Em In Entertainment – An  independent record label

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