Case Study: Ginger Pinks is an online lifestyle and contemporary accessories boutique founded by New York City entrepreneur Janese Castro whose product line includes scarves, handbags, hats and jewelry. Ginger Pinks’ believe women should “live, love, and flirt” and aims to combine today’s fashion trends with a woman’s choice to declare her style’s independence.

Clout Media sought to raise Ms. Castro’s profile as well as the visibility of her Ginger Pinks brand through a strategic digital marketing and public relations campaign. The goal was to drive increased traffic towards which would ultimately generate more sales and revenue.

To reach Ms. Castro’s desired goal Clout Media targeted female fashion and lifestyle blogs, websites and print publications. We routinely email blasted’s “Daily Delight” item to our media contacts to achieve product placements. In addition, we pitch Ms. Castro to Hispanic media to garner the attention of other Hispanics and develop a niche demographic whose appeal coincides with her ancestral background.

Clout Media was able to obtain features for on several websites including,, and Simultaneously, was set up with fan pages on Facebook and Twitter wherein we posted and tweeted all of the boutique’s news and happenings utilizing “hashtags” such as #fashion, #womensfashion, #GingerPinks, etc. to direct traffic to and to create groupings that will follow and befriend Ginger Pinks’ social networks.

We were able to reach Ms. Castro’s desired results by introducing to new audiences who previously did not know of the boutique’s existence. In doing so Clout Media helped Ginger Pinks’ increase website traffic, leading to greater sales.