Google+ is going to become the best social media avenue for small businesses to promote their brands and products and intimately connect with consumers.

Why? One reason is that unlike Facebook, Google+ has a more formal feel to it, and well the biggest reason is because users can leverage Google search to identify people and pages related discussing relevant topics in your industry which can help in cultivating brand loyalty.

Here are some quick specific tips to help you narrow down your target demographic.

Search Under Related Industry Topics
As I alluded to above, the best thing about Google+ is the fact that users can utilize the search engine to pin point people interested in their industry and thus potential consumers of your products and brand.

For example, if you own a pizzeria, by running searches such as “pizza lover,” “food blogger,” “Italian food,” and other closely related search terms, chances are that you will come across individuals who love pizza and Italian cuisine who you can introduce your pizzeria to and network with.

Facebook pages don’t offer such a comprehensive search for people interested in your industry.


Different Circles for Different Friends
In the real world we have several circles of friends that we share different stories and experiences with. We don’t divulge every aspect of our lives with everybody, so the same rules apply to Google+.

Once you’ve placed users in the appropriate circle share content that you know will intrigue them. Give them only what you know they want, they will be turned off if you share Rap music with them when they only listen to Rock.

Utilize Hangouts and other Google+ Features
This might seem simple enough but some folks are limit what they can and should be doing on social networks to the basics.

Perhaps the best aspect of Google+ is its Hangout feature where you can invite users to catch up with you for a free video session to discuss anything you would like them to know. Also, help people help you by strategically adding the “+1” button to your website, articles, and ads.

There are a lot of things you can do to engage users, so play with all the features and see what works best for you.

Find Directories & Join Shared Circles
Here’s a neat trick, find pages in your niche and join shared circles on your topic. By collectively building with those interested in your industry, you will get word of your brand out to those who care in larger mass. Underneath are some directories of shared circles

Try these practices out and let us know how they work for you.