G.I.T.F Launches Lifestyle Brand

by | Apr 30, 2016

Limited Edition T-Shirts Celebrate Lifestyle Brand Release

G.I.T.F is a lifestyle brand founded by entrepreneur and designer O.P. Pertinently named G.I.T.F (Greatness In The Flesh), the moniker comes from O’s ideology of “Greatness is for everybody but only the few that dare venture for it get it.”

Looking to capitalize on the momentum gained from the release of the G.I.T.F jewelry line, O.P is going to segue his signature design style into fashion.

“Jewelry is just the beginning, we have big plans for clothing while still maintaining the high quality that Greatness In The Flesh is known for,” O says.

G.I.T.F will launch with a limited edition collection of men’s clothing this spring, which will include t-shirts and baseball caps. G.I.T.F’s full line of merchandise will feature a wider selection of jewelry and men’s apparel will be available soon.

Designs and concepts can be viewed here @gitfny

Items can be purchased by visiting the company website www.gitfny.com