In all walks of life inexperience sometimes bites us in the rear. There is no difference in the worlds of public relations and marketing.

Underneath is a list of tips that will help the greenest of aspiring publicists.

• Know your client better than they know themselves, you are representing them after all, so you need to inundate yourself with their product and become an expert in their field.

• Just as important as it is to know your client and their field, you must research and seek out the particular trendsetters in their fields, especially those journalists who cover them. Understand what each reporter likes to write about, every one has their own quirks and interests even though they cover the same things. The better you are at appealing to their interests the better you will be at attaining press for your clients.

• Know when to keep it moving. Being persistent is good, however, don’t become overbearing because you will alienate journalists and colleagues. Soon enough nobody will want to work with you.

• Buy a person a drink! Nobody likes a cheapskate so feel free to invite a potential client to dinner and pick up the tab – the dinner will pay for itself, so to speak. Do the same with a journalist if they are willing to take the bait, be careful though, some reporters are real sticklers about taking perceived gifts, its against their code of ethics, they will however appreciate the thought.

• Always work on your writing skills. Public relations maven Howard Rubenstein, who himself is a proud Brooklynite, once told me to master the written word. Knowing how to craft the perfect message each time out takes a certain skill which comes over time.

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