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The Man Behind FanPageEngine’s Facebook Customization

Social media marketing has become like every other form of marketing, over-saturated! Gaining a competitive edge over the competition or just simply having your brand stand out among the rest on social media platforms takes meticulous thought and execution.

One product we here at Clout Media have utilized that we believe can help any brand’s appeal is Hubze’s FanEnginePage. What exactly is FanEnginePage?

Can Social Media Improve Your Bottom Line…?

Absolutely! Depending on your approach, social media can be profitable and very cost-effective. Gone are the days where companies had to spend huge sums of capital on advertising.

Emily Francis Op-Ed Column Published in Harlem News

In the column, Mrs. Francis discusses the high mortality rates of black women associated with breast cancer, and provides health advice on how vitamin D helps reduce the chances you will be diagnosed with breast cancer.

Emily Francis Discusses Vitamin D with The Birmingham Times’s Director Emily Francis was interviewed in The Birmingham Times, the Southeast’s largest Black weekly, recently discussing the essential vitamin D needs of African Americans.

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