About Clout Media

Consistent Leader of Unique Talent 

Long story short

Clout Media is a boutique public relations firm dedicated to helping business owners establish successful relationships with the media and consumer markets by priding itself on providing clients insightful counsel, reliable communication services, and clever marketing strategies. Clout Media offers client services such as advertising, brand management, media placement, public relations, social media management, and more. We are committed to helping clients attain high-quality results by leveraging the firm’s extensive expertise, creativity, experience, and relationships. From healthcare and waste management to entertainment and fashion, Clout Media tailors each marketing campaign to fulfill every client’s need on a case-by-case basis.

Case Studies

Entrepreneur and fashion personality Kiante Young establishes successful fashion showcase for American Apparel.
Our mission is to provide solutions that are cost-effective, measurable, successful and are aligned with company goals. Clout Media transforms small ideas into large successes which transcend over-saturated marketplaces for both established and emerging clients. Look no further than us for your marketing needs – we create tastemakers! Learn more about our services here.
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